Orangetheory Fitness Smyrna
Orangetheory Fitness Smyrna
4495 W Village Way SE
SmyrnaGA 30080
 (678) 539-9715
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Results-oriented fitness classes in Smyrna, GA.

Orangetheory Fitness Smyrna offers unique fitness classes for those looking to reach their weight loss and fitness goals in Smyrna, GA.

At Orangetheory Fitness Smyrna, our fitness classes are a mixture of cardio and strength training that allow members to burn up to 1000 calories each workout. Our experienced personal trainers will guide you through your treadmill training, indoor rowing and strength or resistance workout! We design each interval training session to produce 12-20 minutes of training in the Orange Zone or at your maximum heart rate. Working out in the Orange Zone allows you to continue to burn up to 400 calories after your workout is complete! 

Our gym operates solely through group fitness classes. These boot camp style classes allow members to draw motivation and strength from those working out around them. Unlike other exercise classes, our class sizes range from 10-25 people with plenty of space and equipment for each participant. 

Company Packages

We offer corporate fitness packages for companies to invest in their greatest asset, their employees. If you’re looking to boost your employee’s productivity, morale, and overall mood through team building exercise classes, contact your local studio today by calling (678) 539-9715.  

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We are located at 4495 W Village Way SE, Smyrna, GA.

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